Don’t be the next Victim

As everyone is continually bombarded with phishing emails, we are all at risk. We may think we can spot these rouge messages, the inescapable fact is that enough people do fall for them to keep the perpetrator incentivised and to look for new ways to fool us.

So, it’s always worthwhile to be better prepared. I came across an article that describes the tactics and psychology used in these ransomware emails. It is well worth the few minutes it takes to read and may possibly help you and your colleagues to avoid much grief and cost in the future.

Now, asking you to click on the link to the article is exactly the opposite to what I and safe practices advise. So, if you trust me and this post enough, you can click on this link. Alternatively, you can Google the text between the quotes (without the quotes): “ Tricks of the trade: Phishing emails behind notorious ransom ware scams”

Be vigilant and safe. Make sure staff, colleagues and friends don’t fall for their tricks.